Feminine, Firm & Fit is a distinctive fitness makeover program designed by women specifically for women. It not only demands less of women’s time but also produces greater results. Misinformation in an unregulated fitness industry along with outdated workouts and demanding, stressful schedules have undermined women's bodies and left them stuck in a fitness rut. Feminine, Firm & Fit is the antidote.

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Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer of The Year Kelli Calabrese shares top fitness secrets to transform your body!

Feminine, Firm & Fit is a comprehensive program designed by women specifically for women to help them overcome physical challenges and attain the body they desire now. This 12 week program enforces healthful habits that will last well beyond 12 weeks. The program can be repeated as many times as necessary since each time a woman restarts, she will be in a new body. The program provides guidelines for all levels of fitness from those who have never successfully implemented an exercise program to those who want to fine tune some trouble spots.

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The program includes:

The Results Start Here CD - You will hear the interview between Kelli Calabrese and the country's most sought after Personal Trainer, Phil Kaplan, covering topics such as:

  • Why women are failing
  • Why the scale is not your friend
  • Why this program is different and much more.

The Program Guide

  • Secrets to cardiovascular conditioning for fat burning and performance
  • Keys to building a lean strong body
  • Proper stretching to improve posture and reduce stress
  • Optimally fueling the body for heightened energy, health and satisfaction
  • Translating your physical dreams into reality
  • Making fitness a permanent part of your life
  • And so much more

The Coaching Dynamics CD starts each week by empowering women with key success secrets to keep them focused and inspired. You will listen to top tips each week for 12 weeks.

The Companion Journal is the step by careful step, daily tool to keep you on track by being accountable to yourself. After 12 weeks you will have journaled your personal success story.

The Exercise Guide makes it simple to choose the exercises that you prefer with the equipment that is available to you. Exercises can be performed in the convenience of your home or in a gym.

Hi, I'm Kelli Calabrese, co-author of The Feminine, Firm and Fit Program. This is the result of almost 2 decades of training and coaching thousands of women just like you. I have shared my very best personal training secrets, fitness coaching tips, physiological facts and real life experience in one package to deliver your body improvement program.

The Feminine Firm and Fit Program has evolved to become the resource for women (and men training women) to rely upon for guaranteed and long lasting health and fitness results. If you want to reshape your mid section, begin a lifelong exercise habit, reduce stress, regain energy, diminish lower back pain or improve your physical performance, this program can be adapted to meet your needs and help you get the results you desire - permanently.

I invite you to learn and incorporate the principles outlined in this program. Feminine, Firm and Fit is a sure way to get lean, redefine your shape and build a body to be proud of. All purchases come with a 100% money back guarantee.

I welcome the opportunity to be interviewed about this program and answer your questions. I can be reached at 817-490-1296 or Kelli@FeminineFirmandFit.com. I invite you to read testimonials from women just like you who have successfully completed the program.

Best of health,

Kelli Calabrese MS, CSCS
Exercise Physiologist
Co-Author Feminine, Firm & Fit

For more programs and services by Kelli Calabrese, please visit her official website at www.kellicalabrese.com.

To optimize your physical makeover, personalized online or phone coaching is available from the co-authors of Feminine, Firm & Fit Program.

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Feminine, Firm & Fit is recommended by Brian Tracy, most listened to author on personal and business success in the world.
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I lost 70 pounds on the Feminine, Firm & Fit Program and kept it off for over 3 years. This program REALLY works!

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