Feminine, Firm & Fit is a distinctive fitness makeover program designed by women specifically for women. It not only demands less of women’s time but also produces greater results. Misinformation in an unregulated fitness industry along with outdated workouts and demanding, stressful schedules have undermined women's bodies and left them stuck in a fitness rut. Feminine, Firm & Fit is the antidote.

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Kelli Calabrese
Calabrese Fitness Consulting LLC
8708 Doral Court West
Flower Mound, TX 75022
Phone: 817-490-1296
Fax: 817-490-1296
E-mail: Kelli@KelliCalabrese.com

Kelli Calabrese

E-mail: Kelli@FeminineFirmandFit.com

Michelle Els
Feminine, Firm and Fit Coach

E-mail: Michelle@FeminineFirmandFit.com

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* All purchases come with a 100% money back guarantee
Kelli Calabrese will refund 100% of the cost of a Feminine, Firm & Fit Program if the Success Journal is completely filled out to the end of the 12-weeks.

For more programs by Kelli Calabrese, please visit her official website at www.kellicalabrese.com.