Feminine, Firm & Fit is a distinctive fitness makeover program designed by women specifically for women. It not only demands less of women’s time but also produces greater results. Misinformation in an unregulated fitness industry along with outdated workouts and demanding, stressful schedules have undermined women's bodies and left them stuck in a fitness rut. Feminine, Firm & Fit is the antidote.

Feminine, Firm & Fit Endorsements

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"Implementing the principles outlined in the Feminine, Firm & Fit Program, I lost 70 lbs. and have kept it off for over 3 years! It not only changed my physical appearance, it changed my life. It inspired me to become a personal trainer and SPIN® instructor so that I could help others achieve their personal best. Feminine, Firm & Fit is so much more than a ‘program,’ it educates you on how to make permanent lifestyle changes for a lifetime of health and fitness. This Program REALLY works!"

- Monica Barr, CPT

"While our nation struggles with obesity, it’s clear to leading fitness professionals that the struggle is unnecessary. Kelli Calabrese reinforces that sentiment and she has a profound message for any woman of any age who wants to gain control over the way her body looks, feels, and functions. There are few voices as clear, motivating, and sincere as Kelli’s, and there is only one program for women that answers all of the questions, addresses all of the obstacles, and ensures a thrilling fitness outcome. That program is Feminine, Firm, and Fit."


- Phil Kaplan is the author of many books including Transform, The Best You've Ever Been, Eat, The Answer and has written thousands of articles on fitness and nutrition. Phil is the countries most sought after personal trainer.

"Feminine, Firm & Fit is a terrific interactive and comprehensive fitness program for women seeking to establish new and positive fitness habits and goals. Expertly designed and easy to understand, Feminine, Firm & Fit is certain to capture the attention of the tens of millions of women who are concerned about fitness, health and nutrition. Feminine, Firm & Fit's Program Guide, the "Results Start Here" and "Dynamic Coaching" CDs, the Exercise Guide and the Companion Journal provide the tools for any and every woman to achieve the fitness level they seek. These program components which can be used in toto or individually, are a virtual treasure trove of ideas. Demystifying and debunking the many fitness myths, Feminine, Firm & Fit explains, in understandable language, the whys and hows of goal attainment."

- Mary Lou DiNardo, President TK/PR Public Relations Inc, Former Health, FItness and Beauty Editor at Town & Country, Former National Class Runner and International Caliper Triathlete

"WOW! Was I ever shocked comparing the pictures from week 1 to week 6 on the Feminine, Firm and Fit Program. I have lost 5.75 inches in 6 weeks ! I am so excited and looking forward to the 12 week results. Might need to buy a new swimsuit after this! My pants are getting looser all the time and I got rid of my "fat pants" because they were really getting big in the thighs and backend. What a great feeling. My blood pressure has always been good but that was even better!

I added 5 minutes to my cardio last week and again this week. I took a wonderful brisk walk outside this morning for 40 minutes. I finally had a break through with myself as to why I get stressed out and want to snack. After my walk this morning I came home and scheduled the things I need to do this week to feel like I am making progress on my goals. I've kept my exercise boundaries for 6 weeks, now it's time to work on boundaries in other areas of my life. It's so true that you can't really give to others until you fill yourself first. I think I can now respect myself and my desires enough to protect my time to do things that matter to me. Managing my exercise and health have showed me that I can manage other areas of my life and expect successful results.

Thank you so much for helping to develop this program and sharing it with The Mom Show listeners. I love the program and am greatly enjoying what it has done for my body and my life."

- Chris Smart

"Following the Feminine, Firm and Fit Program has truly changed my life. I began the Program in February of 2004. I wanted to improve overall body tone, increase balance in addition to gaining back strength and flexibility and most importantly pain relief. With a 5 hour a day commute, my time was limited, but I was amazed that I could meet my goals with one strength training session a week and 3 dance classes. I began seeing improvement and change within only a few weeks and I was having fun! My workout time was maximized and I always get the greatest benefit from each exercise that I do.

I have seen improvement in my muscle definition and am wearing more skirts than I ever have in the past having never been happy with the shape of my legs. The greatest improvement has been in three key areas - improved strength, increased flexibility and almost the total elimination of all my back pain. I no longer feel the compression in my back that was so painful nor do I have the nagging pain that comes with the sciatica. I am dancing better, have considerably more stamina and am in better physical condition than I could have ever imagined. If you are looking for a program that drives results, provides consistent positive reinforcement and brings mental relief, Feminine Firm & Fit truly is the ticket."

- Sherron Rosenberger, Business Professional, Dancer and Mom

"Kelli Calabrese is one of the best personal trainers in the industry and an outstanding source of information in fitness and nutrition. More importantly she is obviously a woman, she is also a mother of two and understands the needs of women. She and another outstanding trainer Debbie Hickey have developed a transformation book specifically for women. The book is called Feminine, Firm & Fit. I have read the book and even with everything I have learned about fitness & nutrition over the last 12 years I had a real opportunity to gain a great deal of insight into the training needs of women. She is a very motivated person, has a big heart and is an example for all Moms."

- Dave DePew, Master Fitness Trainer, Licensed Sports Nutritionist, Dave DePew's Fitness & Nutrition Hour

"I have the best news! about 2 years ago, when I had my last blood test, my blood sugars were borderline for diabetes and the doc told me I had to go on this special diet, which of course I didn't do. Well the week before last I worked up the courage for a diabetes screening. My blood sugar was perfect! That made me so happy! I thought you'd want to know, because you and the Feminine, Firm and Fit Program get part of the credit. Thanks so much."

- Julie, 2-1-1 Marketing & Communications Director, First Call for Help

"I never realized that working out could be such FUN until I started the Feminine, Firm & Fit Program. When anyone ever asked me to start an exercise program, I balked at the prospect. But in February 2004 Kelli Calabrese personally invited me to try Feminine, Firm & Fit. I had retired two months earlier so I no longer had excuses not to start taking care of myself. Being extremely overweight, I worried that I wouldn't be up to the challenge. With Kelli's care, expertise and truly motivating personality I have lost 50 pounds. Beside the weight loss I am now also able to wear clothes that have been hanging idly in the closet for a number of years. And the added benefit is that I look forward to our sessions together using the Feminine, Firm & Fit principles!

Most workout programs I've heard of are comprised of monotonous routines. Not true when Kelli gets you on Feminine, Firm & Fit. I usually get into the giggles when she asks me to try something that looks impossible! "YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?" But I do it…at first with wobbly legs and arms then eventually with confidence. The Feminine, Firm & Fit routines are fresh and work on a specific area in a different way. It never gets boring. Following the Program is a great way to take care of one's body. I can't begin to thank her enough for introducing me to Feminine, Firm & Fit. I have less back and knee pain and am able to scale stairs with ease. I have energy to keep up with my two grandchildren, which is priceless "

- Raffaella J. Volpe, Accountant, Grandmother

"Things are going great since I started the Feminine, Firm & Fit Program. I do have a LOT more energy. I feel lighter but also feel stronger. My clothes are getting a little loose and I think some areas are starting to look trimmer. I even feel healthier and I'm only 4 weeks into the Program. I am enjoying eating healthier and it's not as hard as I thought. I will absolutely continue exercising through the holidays even with a full schedule, shopping and parties. I'm so glad I started Feminine, Firm & Fit."

- Susan R. Nolte, Second Vice President, Assurant formerly Fortis, Inc.

"I really appreciate that the authors of Feminine, Firm & Fit understand the special challenges of a middle-aged woman like me. The Program is realistic and easy to follow, no matter what your starting fitness level. And the Companion Journal keeps me honest with myself, so when I hit one of those inevitable slip-ups or lapses, which have often deep-sixed my fitness attempts in the past, I just go back to journaling and that gets me back on track.

I can honestly say I feel good in my body. I'm walking taller, wearing a smaller size and my asthma is much better. I accept that I'll never have a supermodel's body, but the body I have is mine for life, and I want it to be as strong and healthy as it can be in order to take me where I want to go in life. Feminine Firm & Fit is definitely helping me get there.

As a lifelong dieter and workout dropout, I was fortunate to find the Feminine, Firm & Fit Program. It has helped me reach inside myself and find the faith and self confidence to go for it. When I started following the Feminine, Firm & Fit Program, I felt like a winner."

- Julie Lange, Author, Grandmother

"I have never been a good eater. Starting the Feminine, Firm & Fit program and specifically the journaling has helped me to make healthful food choices. No more skipping breakfast and instead of eating processed foods a majority of the time, its down to a minority of my meals. Journaling keeps me on track. Without a plan and accountability I would not have been able to increase my energy, improve my tennis game and lose unwanted fat."

- Robin DeRosa, Mother of 3, Novice Tennis Player


"In a few short months of following the Feminine, Firm & Fit Program, my body had become firm and shapely fitting into a size 6, instead of an 8 with little change on the scale, but my body fat decreased. Many of my friends have commented about how great I look, which made me feel much more confident in myself. The Program helped increase my confidence as a woman and I was proud to wear a tankini on our family beach vacation."

- Debbie, Mother of 3, Chester, NJ

"The Feminine Firm & Fit Program keeps me on my feet. I have some chronic pain issues. In order to keep mobile and active I need a workout that is flexible based on my health. My energy levels and range of motion vary from workout to workout and with the Feminine, Firm & Fit Program I can make adjustments based on how I feel. I complete the workouts feeling like I accomplished something. I feel energized, and empowered. Feminine, Firm & Fit helps me maintain a positive attitude and that keeps me on track with the Program."

- Elise O'Shea, Chester, NJ

"Following the Feminine Firm & Fit Program for the past 2 months has led to more definition and strength in my arm muscles as well as increased energy. I find the Program to be motivating and easy to follow. The workouts vary each week to keep it interesting and fun and to keep working my muscles to higher levels of ability. Feminine, Firm & Fit is written by very knowledgeable and skilled personal trainers."

- Sharon, Long Valley, NJ

"The online Feminine, Firm & Fit workouts are going great! I am definitely feeling and even seeing a difference – I LOVE the exercises. I am doing really well with the Program. Everything you send me online is easy to understand and do. I especially love the ankle wiggles. Thank you so much – this is perfect for me."

- Karen Blum, Online Personal Training Client, Mortgage Broker

"Attending graduate school and being a full-time working mother of two young children, I have very little personal time to dedicate to myself. The Feminine, Firm & Fit Program has helped me make the most of that time. It has empowered me to take the action necessary to make drastic changes in both my physical, as well as, my mental well-being. Since I started training with Kelli using the Program, I, as well as others, have seen a drastic improvement in my body shape. In addition, the exercise has greatly helped me cope with stress due to my hectic lifestyle. I see this Program as a permanent fixture in my daily routine for the rest of my life!"


- Georgiann Bird, Accountant, Student, Mother

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